Bridal Peignoir Sets

Sexy nightwear sets * White and Ivory

Feather trim peignoir set: Robe & Nightgown - Photo 1White peignoir set: Robe & Nightgown - Photo 2
Ivory satin bridal nightgown & feather-trim robe setIvory satin bridal nightgown & feather-trim robe set
White bridal peignoir set Plus size and custom-fit

Elegance and delicate allure

Our peignoir sets feature a delicate harmony of sumptuous satin and intricate lace, creating a captivating ensemble that epitomizes bridal allure. Available in classic shades of pristine white and soft ivory, these sets offer a serene canvas for the bride to adorn herself in bridal splendor.

The nightgown, a vision of effortless grace, drapes gracefully over the silhouette, enchanting with its fluid lines and whisper-soft fabric. Adorned with exquisite lace accents, it embodies femininity and refinement, casting a spell of enchantment on the wearer.

Completing the ensemble is the matching robe, a masterpiece of opulence and allure. Crafted from the same luxurious satin and adorned with delicate lace detailing, it adds an extra layer of elegance while providing the bride with a sense of comfort and ease as she prepares for her momentous day.

Whether slipping into the nightgown for a serene morning of bridal preparations or donning the robe as a luxurious finishing touch, our bridal peignoir sets promise to elevate the bridal experience, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.